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From the cold, frozen reaches of Winter-peg, Manitoba, Rosie joins the HHH team with a fiery enthusiasm for all things education. A veteran teacher with over ten years experience, Rosie enjoys begging her three children (and husband) to eat more than two carrots a day, and the prospect of never again having to don her Canadian Goose Winter Jacket.

Rosie is very excited to meet you!

Inbal Chaimovitz


Our 2017-2018 Team

Jonny's smile is infectious; even more so than that terrible flu bug you came down with last winter. You know the one.

Jonny possess a unique positivity, and utilizes it in such a way that encourages his students to constantly engage in both critical thinking and self-examination, whilst the whole time enjoying the process. Jonny also knows a thing or two about coffee.

Jonny Riaboy


Inbal Chaimovitz. The Lady. The Legend. Is. Back.

A native Hebrew speaker and a model educator, Inbal returns to the HHH to share her classroom expertise and upbeat personality.

In addition to inordinate amounts of planning for classes, Inbal enjoys hummus. 

Occasionally confused for Gahvurnur Ahnold's better spoken, less Austrian counterpart, Alan possess a penchant for communication and approachability. Alan joins HHH following a prolonged service as Director of NCSY Edmonton, and is a practising physiotherapist to boot. So if you'd like to have that bump looked at, feel free to ask. But during office hours, please.

 A passionate education-management professional, Sam is super-stoked to apply both his creativities and energies to Hamilton Hebrew High. He is very tall, which usually takes some getting used to, but he has effected great achievements while working in numerous educational institutions, public and private, formally and informally.

Sam models his leadership methods after Ryder from Paw Patrol.

Orna Richter

Occasional Teacher

Rosie Sela


Sam Weisbrod


Orna Richter loves spiders. But not as much as she loves teaching them how to approach intricate philosophical quandaries, challenge assumptions, and to take chances in life. Orna's exuberance and cheery charm encourages all types of students to engage in their learning. She also supposes she's ok with teaching human students as well, but, well...you know...ok, I guess they're alright. 

Alan Richter

Occasional Teacher