Introduction to Hebrew Language - Grade 9
Course Code: LY1AD
Prerequisites​: None
​This course will equip students with the skills necessary to communicate with native speakers of modern Hebrew. In addition to reading age & language appropriate passages, students will explore various aspects of Israeli culture, social customs & native arts. Students will participate in cultural events and activities, and utilize technology to link language with culture.
Open to qualifying Grade 8 students via the Reach Ahead program.

The Jewish Identity - Grade 9
Course Code: HRE13
Prerequisites: None
Students enrolled in this course will investigate concepts around dedication to Judaism and Jewish studies. Students will explore what it means to be Jewish, the importance of each individual within Judaism, and how to interact with the Jewish community. Students will explore how Jewish ideals, such as Chesed (kindness) and Tzedakah (charity), are of paramount importance to the Jewish people and the global community. Students will work to develop an appreciation for their respective communities and for their community leaders.
Open to qualifying Grade 8 students via the Reach Ahead program.

Theoretical & Applied Ethics - Grade 10
Course Code: HRE23
Prerequisites: None
This course invites learners to inquire around the timeless relevance of Jewish ideals. Students will be introduced to foundational Jewish beliefs, and will discover relevant applications of Jewish theology to modern social and ethical dilemmas. Students will be challenged to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to observe how Judaism relates to the fields of medicine, business, law, as well as the family unit. Students will also explore the significance of classical Rabbinical Judaism as it relates to past, present and future. 

Scriptures through History - Grade 11
Course Code: HRE33
Prerequisites: None
This course will provide students with a deeper understanding of the Hebrew Bible and its Rabbinic commentaries. Through the study and application of classical Jewish texts to modern experiences, students will succeed in forming an attachment to their heritage. A secondary course focus will include an exploration on Jewish history, geographical-specific Jewish cultures, and traditions associated with everyday Jewish life.  

Philosophy: Questions and Theories - Grade 12 (University Preparation)
Course Code: HZT4U
Prerequisites: Any university or university/college preparation course in Social Sciences and Humanities, English, or Canadian and World Studies.
This course addresses three (or more) of the main areas of philosophy: metaphysics, logic, epistemology, ethics, social and political philosophy, and aesthetics. Students will learn critical-thinking skills, the main ideas expressed by philosophers from a variety of the world’s traditions, how to develop and explain their own philosophical ideas, and how to apply those ideas to contemporary social issues and personal experiences. The course will also help students refine the tactics they use in researching and investigating topics in philosophy.


Note: Specific courses offerings are subject to change, dependant on necessary student enrollment minimums.

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Hamilton Hebrew High courses comply with Ministry of Education policies and guidelines, in which there is a minimum of 110 hours of instruction, in accordance with Ontario Secondary Schools Program Diploma Requirements (OSS). 80 of these hours are designated to be completed through two hour classroom sessions, while the remaining 30 hours are to be completed through course-relevant experiential learning programs. Examples of these include independent study projects, seminars, scheduled community events and weekend retreats. In order to receive credit for an enrolled course, attendance at such programs is mandatory.

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